NBA: Miami Heat Failed To Make Play-Offs Despite Defeating Washington Wizards


The Miami Heat have failed to qualify for the NBA play-offs despite seeing off Washington Wizards in their last game of the season.

Miami beat the Washington Wizards 110-102 but neither  Chicago Bulls or the Indiana Pacers lost their final game.

Chicago defeated the Brooklyn Nets and Indiana beat the Atlanta Hawks with both opponents resting players.

The top eight sides in the Eastern and Western conferences qualified for the play-offs, which start on Saturday.

Play Off Fixtures

Eastern Conference (brackets denote regular season final standings):

  • Boston (1) v Chicago (8)
  • Cleveland (2) v Indiana (7)
  • Toronto (3) v Milwaukee (6)
  • Washington (4) v Atlanta (5)

Western Conference:

  • Golden State (1) v Portland (8)
  • San Antonio (2) v Memphis (7)
  • Houston (3) v Oklahoma City (6)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (4) v Utah (5)

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