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Naira Tweet, a social media platform and a twitter marketing comp which gives you the chance to know your tweet worth brings to you #GiveAwaySunday. This week started with a #GiveawaySunday powered by Roc Da Mic and it featured 10 people coming up with rhymes/punchlines using the phrase “roc da mic”. People on twitter then voted for each rhyme with positive or negative votes and at the end 5 winners emerged and here are their handles and rhymes.

1st Position @itsUchman007 Am ROCkin The Mic..Guess I’m Reppin The Logo Shoutout 2 Jehova..E Yin Oluwa L’ogo Lyk Badagry..Yep m Bad i Agree by

2nd @big_timi I dreamt 1 day i will RocDaMic Until i hrd abt RocDaMic so i composd a song titld RocDaMic i was pickd n i won RocDaMic by

3rd @Owo24 I roll smoother dan a BIKE, so athletic am a NIKE, this is wat i LIKE, so i kip ROC-king Da MIC. #RocDaMic

4th @crackittoby I neva say dis 2wice get stuck 2 ur scalp lik lice lik an MC i roc da mic n i own a buggati nt a bike #RocDaMic

5th @maddtflow Rocdamic, gosh ma lyf pipe,drop da hype, I ball, flow tyt ,hot.. nt fryd, yup am fly, so jus drop ur mics #RocDaMic

The others wer also impressive but we all decided with our votes that these deserved to win. We hope to see some of them feature at the Roc Da Mic reality show.

For this coming sunday we will be having a new game on #GiveawaySunday dat will involve lyrics, don’t be left out.

Are you excited???
This weekend’s #GiveawaySunday will feature a new
game dat will involve song lyrics,
so what you waiting for? Get your lyrics tight and Keep a date with them on twitter. Am sure you do not want to miss this!! So follow naira_tweets on twitter @naira_tweets. Stay tuned for more info about Naira Tweets. Legoooo

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