Patoranking Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment


Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie popularly known as Patoranking will never forget the day his CD messed up his performance at an event.

The Alubarika star recounts this in an interview. “My most embarrassing moment as an artiste was in 2008 when I went for a show in Ghana. I did not know the CD I was meant to use to perform, was of low quality. The CD wasn’t properly mixed and mastered

I was so anxious to be on stage and when I got on it, I was so messed up I couldn’t do anything because the sound was not coming out properly.

I couldn’t relate with the crowd and at a point I had to tell the DJ to stop the song so I could do freestyle. I felt so ashamed.”

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  1. ope

    aww eeyah….but seriously Nigerian artistes should learn to sing with their real voice if they are truly talented and not rely on cds they know their song is playing behind them they will now be lipsyncing” they should take a que from foreign artistes Beyonce Adele lord Jesus pure talent….those ones are live performers not the one that davido will be jumping up and down and his song is playing behind him….I wish our artistes all the best

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