My Opinion on The Angel That Fell From The Sky in London


The angel that fell from the sky


Freaky! Some say it’s a sculpture by some Chinese artistes and some say ‘AN ANGEL FELL FROM THE SKY!

Which one should we believe? But how can an Angel fall from the sky when It’s not Yoruba movies.

I’ve seen and heard about witches flying at night and they mistakenly hit the light pole and then fall. Is that the case here?

I also read that this same angel fell after NASA announced ‘Earth 2.0’ the most habitable planet ever discovered.

And the funny part I read was The ‘Angel’ like creature was quickly rushed away by what seemed to be undercover police officers dressed in suits and sunglasses, resembling the characters in the hit movie Men in Black.

 But wait! Can you see the photos? They look real right?

I’m done typing, let me hear your view, Do you believe this is an angel or just one make believe story as usual?

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  1. Only God knows the truth…. It might be true and it might not be true….. There was also a story of Mary the mother of Jesus found on the praying ground of a Catholic church at Ikeja which was Real….. God understands…

  2. emmanuel uwagbai

    people lets not be silly what kind of angel are we talking about hear? angel or demon? For your information angels are ministering spirits sent forth by God to minister to those that are heirs of the kindom. how can an angel sent by God drop from the sky?

  3. john

    This is end time. Devil is at work to convince people that Jesus christ is not coming again. Devil really don’t want people to believe God again. Are u a heaven minded ones,focus on God and read ur bible and pray blc no more time.

  4. An Angel will never fall from sky and just tell me the devils has been cast out from heaven than I will understand because we are still have the Faith in Bible that the devils will be cast out but I don’t know when.

  5. Etuk Itoro

    It’s an end time so many strange things will be happening but we should not loose focus in God. God knws best, wether is truely an Angel or not.

  6. Gabriel

    D devil is already cast of heaven …
    Dis story of fallen angel isn’t true ……fake fake story just to draw attention…Satan is really powerful,see wat is doing just to confuse. people
    be watchful of wat u believe PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  7. last king

    An angel this weak old and fragile?…haba…no feather on the wings and its in the same position in ll the photos?….choi

  8. inibehe innocent

    this is demon falling down not a Angel of God, follow brethren and sisters,be focus don’t distracted bcos that Is work of
    Satan to distract bleiver.

  9. caleb sani

    Hmmm dis is an angel but nt dat of God believ it or leave it. Do nt fall to d trick’s of d world, ur u may loose it.

  10. Alexx

    Bro, this na wizard wey miss road come fall down…maybe some Christians been dey pray and the fire dem release come hit the demon….go read this book by JP Timmons, mysterious secrets of the dark kingdom- the battle for planet earth the you go understand.

  11. I thought “Angels” are invisible?….make this thing thank God say no be for my Naija he fall…he for Don hear weeeeiii……they call it angel in London but in my country is called WITCH….abi bcos he wear white…angel with hands and feathers… Lmao

  12. Richie

    It is nothing but a movie! How did they quickly capture it? Did they know it was going to fall? Why didn’t it fall in a river? Why didn’t they take the pix when it was falling? Is it dead? Why didn’t it stand up? So angels do not have feathers? Have they ever seen an angel before? Do not be deceived people, watch out for the movie! God bless us all!

  13. godfrey ogie

    I think GOD knows Who d Image is, But if it’s an angle am telling u he might v a msg to pass to Everybody.

  14. Unique

    It is a pity that humanity are carried away by fake rumours. where is our faith as Christians? pls my beloved brethren, let us be steadfast in prayer. An angel can not jux fall from d sky. This is manipulation from the kingdom of darkness. Hold unto JESUS firm. (Shalom)

  15. juliana

    I strongly believe that this angel is the devil himself moreover can someone tell me where is the angel now after falling from the sky. has he disappear? don’t be deceive my brethren the world is coming to an end

  16. Rich

    Scripturally speaking, this cannot be an angel. Angels are spirit beings and cannot die. They cannot be seen unless they allow people to see them. Their bodies are not like ours. That’s why they can appear anywhere in a split of a second. This is all a deception.

  17. Rume Richard

    You know guys stop being funny Godly angels are always great and wonderful they can’t just be dropped like Satan is trying to maneuver around confusing us just like but trust me I can never believe in such nonsense

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