“My Life Has Changed And Is Changing” – Justin Timberlake Speaks On Fatherhood

"My Life Has Changed And Is Changing" - Justin Timberlake Speaks On Fatherhood

Justin Timberlake, who got married in 2012, told Variety magazine how fulfilled he is with being a father and how fatherhood has changed everything for him.

The singer and his wife, Jessica Biel, welcomed their son, Silas, last year.

‘My life has changed and is changing. So it’s important to discover that there’s work you can do when you get more time with your family. I wouldn’t go on tour next week because I wanna be with my son. I wanna be with my wife.’ 

 ‘What does touring even look like for me now? It’s such a luxury to be able to make those decisions: to be able to think about how you could do the work you used to do in a different way.’ 

‘As men, we’re always taught at a young age to be a man and have your priorities in order. And you get to a point where you’re like, “It’s not about being a man, it’s about fulfillment.” Which is a totally different thing.’ 

‘But the more I go through this – making people laugh, and making people feel – it’s an amazing thing to be a part of. I get a gift out of it.’ ‘When you’re younger, sometimes you can’t see that gift; I think that’s how some people in our industry become so megalomania-cal, in a way: It’s easy to be made to feel like, “I made all this happen.” But you didn’t. You were just there for it. That’s what I feel like whenever I write a song. I was just there for it.’

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