Felix and I have been married for nearly a year but i have known him for three years now, a typical Nigerian man who doesn’t believe in over pampering a woman, very unromantic, burn with a silver spoon he heads the family business, who was i to say know when he proposed, i needed an upgrade badly. i have five siblings and my parent to take care of so i did not think twice, not like there was no love there was but i totally overlooked his flaws. he takes care of my parent’s house rents, medical bills and monthly allowance, pays my siblings school fee and monthly allowance. He banned me from working and wearing tight fitting cloth. i didn’t care much.

Selina, our housemaid since we got married, a Beninese girl in her early 20s, my friend brought her to our house so she can help her family back at home. i sent her to learn how to sew they sent her back to me, bead making no headway, bag making, same old stories.

So i decided to just let her face her housemaid work, i shop for her once in a while and i give her some of my old stuff.

One morning i sent Selina to the market, i was upstairs in the masters bedroom packing my husband luggage for a trip when i heard the door bell as i walk down the stairs, i noticed Selina room door was opened, i move closer to the door, have never been stunned like this in my life, i have to rub my eyes well to know that what i was seeing was true, i further opened the door and i saw Gucci paper bags with dresses, tops, jeans and accessories with jaw dropping price tags, the door bell keeps ringing and also my phone simultaneously. So I quickly pack the stuffs together, close the door and went to open the front door, it was Jehovah witness people, i quickly discharged them, ran back to Selina’s room, out of curiosity, i opened her wardrobe, I was shocked to see her collection of shoes, bags, accessories, the most alarming was the new Louis vuitton bag Tyra Banks just carried on fashion TV. I did not even know how to react; i waited in her room for her to come back. The expression on her face when she walked into her room was as if she just saw a ghost, Oya start explaining i said; she kept mute. you better start talking before i start burning everything in your presence and send you back to your poor parents, Oya, She knelt down begging me not to burn them or send her back to Benin, i threatened further, if you don’t tell me how you got them i would beat that your French ascent from your mouth. I had no intentions of beating her; i just wanted to know the truth. You have started following Aristo abi, they would only ruin your life, Selina, who bought all these expensive things for you? Aunty, please, she kept begging. I stood up to leave, i won’t pay you your salary until i get an explanation.

Three days later, while sorting my husband suit to send to the dry cleaner, I deepen my hand into his pocket like i always do, i felt something, Hoping it was money, i brought it out to find a receipt neatly folded, it turned out to be a boutique receipt, Wait oooooooooo!!!!!!!!!, Felix!!!!!!!!! Selina!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So Felix is the one buying her all those expensive things, does that mean they are having an affair? What should i do? Should i confront Felix? This marriage is my means of survival and that of my family.

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