Must Read: ‘Last Minute’ A movie for the orphans.. You would like it.

Eva George is an Actress/Blogger/Film Producer and now she’s set to campaign for the liberty of orphans and the less privileged who are undergoing abuse and penury via her new film project Titled ‘Last Minute’ A Mo Eva’s World Production.

Last Minute, described as Nollywood’s first movie that will campaign for the liberty of orphans and the less privileged that are undergoing abuse and penury in the society. It is destined to take the African and International box office by storm.

There are millions of orphans, vulnerable children and less privileged in the society who are going through dark sides of life because of lack of inspiration which has led them to believe that they do not have hope. They are abused by fellow individuals in the society who has the wrong orientation that there is no future and hope for the less privileged in the society. Frustration from unfair members in the society has led orphans and less privileged to lose hope in themselves, thereby preoccupied with illegal businesses, prostitution, societal ills etc. Recently, President Goodluck Jonathan disclosed that 7.3 million children (orphans) in Nigeria are carriers of HIV/AIDS.

The main objective of this Film Project is to inspire orphans and the less privileged in the society to see themselves as better person.
Last Minute (which will be shot in NIGERIA) is a true life story based on Child labour, Penury and Orphan maltreatment in the society. It portrays the story of an orphan youngster Elizabeth, who lived in a church goatsted with her siblings in order to survive after they lost their parents sequentially. In the course of survival, she became a servant to a cruel aunt and got abused by a dishonest man who almost raped her. Taken in by the Little Saints Orphanage, shown so much love and support from the home and individuals in the society who helped her fulfill her potentials. At the same time, Elizabeth presence in the orphanage leads other orphans to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in this new environment, Elizabeth and her siblings faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome.

This film project will be featuring music, movie, comedy and Fashion top celebrities and upcoming actors and actresses. Notable top Nigerian music artists will join 2nd runner up West African idol,Temitayo George in the campaign for the liberty of orphans and less privileged who are undergoing abuse and penury through a theme song titled ‘FREE’.

The brainchild of this Film Project ‘Last Minute’ is Nollywood actress,model,blogger and Entrepreneur Eva George who is an orphan and want to use this platform to expose the true life of an orphan so as to inspire other orphans in the world. Eva George tend to dedicate the Film to her foster mother,Mrs Bamidele George,who is the founder of Little Saints Orphanage.

The world premiere of this Film Project will be in Lagos; it will also be toured in five (5) states in Nigeria and 5 countries worldwide..It will also be shown in orphanages, schools and Polytechniques in order to spread the good message to orphans all over the world.

This Film Project is proudly supported by notable organizations and media houses in Nigeria such as Strong Tower Mission,Goldmyne International,TGI International Limited,Quantum markets,Dalmeida Ogunlana and co,May and Baker,Upper Links Limited,Elshaddia Christain care centre,On Point Naija,Porsche Classy,Naija Bitchin,Reel Radio, Bigtimi,Olori Supergal,Miss Petite Nigeria,The Style train and other notable organizations will be added to the list.
Proceeds from the success of Film project will go to Little Saints Orphanage, Safe Haven for children and selected orphanage homes in Nigeria for their educational and welfare upkeep of the home.
For sponsorship and enquiries,please call Eva George on 08137016256 or send an email to Ff on twitter @LastMinuteFilm @EvaGonline

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