MUST READ: ‘Kill Don Jazzy’ – By Bayo Omisore


MUST READ: ‘Kill Don Jazzy’ – By Bayo Omisore

So to start with, I am not a hater. I do not wish any evil on Don Jazzy or Michael Collins. If anything, I can be categorized as an interested onlooker when I want to be passive or an invested businessman active in the Nigerian music industry for the past 18 years.

In addition, I am a writer. I have been told I am a very decent writer. Or maybe I’m living on past glory. Either way, I had another title I was working with. But I decided this one would attract the eyeballs I desperately need to get the attention I so desperately crave.

Finally, I understand the workings of PR. Hell, I handled the PR of Mo’ Hits in 2006 when the only talent was D’banj. Back then, Wande was a dancer, Dr. Sid (I plead the Fifth) and D’Prince was a model. I do not wish death on Michael Collins. I however think the Don Jazzy brand is dead. Or should be rested. I’ll tell you why.

Do you remember Don Jazzy? Remember that Soundcity advert. I remember the first day I met D’banj and Don Jazzy. This must have been either late 2004 or sometime in 2005. I had been in the business as a journo for a few years by then so I knew them. We had done a story on Mr. Solek at Hip Hop World in 2003. Jazzy had worked as the keyboardist of the band but he had moved on to music production working under JJC. He was very quiet; never uttered a word. You could have been forgiven for thinking he was mute. Continue on page 2 below


  1. Flexzy abilah

    Mr. Collins needs to kill the Don Jazzy character.
    It has made him money and fame. But perhaps its
    time to quit the ‘mafia’ and live a normal life.
    From the writer Bayo Omisore (Flexzy abilah)

  2. ope

    Did Don jazzy tell anybody he is not living a normal life??? This character has made him fame and money and you want him to kill the source that brings money…people are so insensitive….it’s like telling him to live his comfort zone….telling Michael Collins to kill don jazzy is like telling denrele to stop being crazy….the crazy denrele has fetched him fame and popularity so why would you tell him to stop being crazy….as far as I am concerned Michael Collins can be whoever he wants to be for the rest of his life….if you were given the oppourtunity to be don jazzy for a day…won’t you take it???

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