More Graphic Photos: 25 Burnt Beyond Recognition As Fuel Tanker And Passenger Bus Collide Along Abuja-Lokoja Highway

fuel tanker and Passenger bus

25 persons were burnt beyond recognition when a fuel tanker and Passenger bus collided and burst into  flames at Felele on the Abuja-Lokoja highway on Friday, July 28.
The ghastly accident occurred about 1.30 pm also affected in the raging inferno were about 10 cars parked by the road side.
Accordimt to an eyewitness, Bawasa Ibrahim disclosed that two tricycle riders popularly called Keke-NAPEP were equally burnt in the accident.
”The tanker and the 18-seater bus were trying to overtake each other. But unfortunately, the tanker lost balance and it fell on the bus.
“We have been complaining to the government to fix this road. Now you can see how many lives that have been lost. No fewer than 25 burnt bodies can be seen here”, Ibrahim added.
Another eyewitness, Haruna Sadiq symphatize with families of those who lost their lives said they called on the fire authority for more than 20 minutes but they claimed there was no fuel in their vehicle.
”I am really disappointed with our firemen. We have been calling them that people are dying here, but all we could hear is that they don’t have fuel. What a shame,” he said.

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