Meet woman who breeds a 100,000 cockroaches, and call them are children

Imagine living next to this kind of neighbor.

As weird as it sounds, a Chinese woman uses her house as a breeding ground for 100,000 cockroaches.

The woman, Yuan Mexia, breeds the cockroaches because they are popular to use in Chinese medicine.

Like a joke, the woman claims the foul smelling insects are her  “children and babies” , pampering them with sugary foods and warm stove so ‘her children’ can get enough rest.

But it is a tough kind of love as Mexia packs off the roaches once they get to a certain size and sells them off to pharmaceutical companies for around $100 a kilo – but not alive of course.

She kills them by drowning in vats of water and drying them in the sun.

See more photos below:

Source: Ynaija

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