AbOriginal Music is proud to introduce our debut music recording artiste, TOMI (Tomi Odunsi).
A talented singer-songwriter with a distinctive, supple and effortlessly pleasing voice, Tomi’s music is
a fusion of contemporary urban beats with traditional Nigerian music rhythms and melodies,
particularly her native Yoruba, creating a distinctive, authentic, and organic new sound as the
backdrop for lyrics reflecting the ideals, aspirations, and life experiences of her generation, while
also showcasing her deep love for and pride in her cultural heritage. Also an actor, Tomi is probably
best known to audiences from her musical and dramatic performances in such theatre productions
as the smash hit Oluronbi: The Musical and Fractures. She is currently a fresh face on Mnet’s hit
drama series Tinsel, playing the feisty, willful, and outspoken “Salewa”.
A refreshing new entrant into the Nigerian music industry, Tomi is, in her own words, “simple but
honest; complex, but authentic—with no pretence”. She is an emerging star whose career trajectory
bears following. Keep an ear out for her initial offerings, “Mi O Le Think” and “Under”, on a radio
and at her live performances near you.

Bigtimi Entertainment had the chance to interview tomi and this is what she said about Herself and her world:

Who is tomi?
Simple, Tomi is your girl next door. She experiences the same range of emotions, desires, and aspirations as every young girl out there and she expresses these through her music. She’s also an actor.

How will you define your music?

I won’t like to put a strict definition on the kind of music I do because I wouldn’t like to put myself in a box but my music is a fusion of contemporary urban beats with traditional Nigerian music.

Do you do anything else apart from music?

Like I said earlier, I’m also an actor aiming for the Oscars :D, I started acting on stage with Aboriginal productions, I was in show I,II and III of “Oluronbi”: “The Musical”. I played Toju in “fractures” and i’m currently playing Salewa on Tinsel as my first TV appearance.
How do you combine everything together?
Well, multitasking is basically all about time management and dedication. I’m not saying I’m perfect at this but I’m working towards it. I also have the most supportive team around me.

Why do you sing?

I love to express my thoughts, emotions, desires and aspirations through music and I’m blessed to have a tool to do that with. Its my way of connecting and reaching out to the world.

What’s the latest with your music?

The ‘Mi o le think’ video is coming out very soon and I am excited about it. So watch out for it.

What do you think of the nigerian music industry?

The industry is growing rapidly and will attract a lot of local and foreign investors and produce international stars.

How well can u describe your record label?

In 3 words; Authentic, Bold and Original.

What do you think about theatres in nigeria?

Theatre in Nigeria is developing but the prevailing economic condition in Nigeria is a major set back to her rapid development. With inadequate facilities and equipment and insufficient funds from the Government and private sector, theatre in Nigeria still has a long way to go but I believe we will get there.

How well can you describe your acting?

I’ll leave that to my fans and colleagues to judge.

In five years time, where do you see yourselve?

I see myself being able to balance my music and acting careers.

How can your fan relate with you(facebook,twitter or email link)

You can catch up with me on my facebook Page TOMI and also follow me @thisistomi on twitter, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Say something to your fans?

You can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard and believe in your abilities. The youth can move this country forward because we have greatness inside us.

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