Maxnino Drops 2 Singles


dem niccurz

Fast rising star Maxnino drops 2 singles today

he is a young boy with the trail of showing the world you can come from the Gutter and Sound foreign

The unsigned artist has been dropping hits in the ears of fans but with the two new hits you are sure to take it as a jam

Maxnino revealed In a recent interview i had with him

” i am not from the gutter but not also from what i’ll call rich infact i’m from an average family but with my tune and sound i want to show the world to believe and i just want to make them know you can be from the gutter and still be blessed with something better than what the rich have”

“i am more of a party tune person tho and my videos will be dropping soonest anticipate”

my team has been doing strong  Mgt:

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