Lasu Student, Hafeez Oyekan diagnosed of Kidney Disease is Dead

Hafeez Olanrewaju Oyekan, 400l student of Lasu, studying Industrial Relations and Personnel Management was diagnosed of CKD…( Chronic kidney disease).

How it Started?

According to reports, it actually didn’t start now, Hafeez has been having issues on his kidney for the past 20years now and has been on maintenance(managing them.)

Report also has it that the problem have drained the little resources they had i.e His dad, Him and 2 other siblings, Since their late mother died in 2005.

January 2013, Hafeez was sick and he didn’t give much attention to it, it became worse that he had to go to the hospital and he was tested and the result showed CKD- (which is end stage kidney disease) only cure for that is a TRANSPLANT!

The Doctor requested 12 Million naira and this has to be done within 3 Months….



  1. Anonymous

    12million only? Dats lunch moni, entertainment or even food allowance 4 some. Lord hv mercy RIP Afeez.

  2. Anonymous

    Allahu Akbar, may his soul rest in prefect peace. This is exactly what our govt suppose to. B doiing. What is 12m compared to human life?

  3. Anonymous

    Dear lord pls never give us wat greater dan us cos no one is ready to help his or her neigbour in Nigeria

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