Lasu O ni Ba Je ooooo (Read Post )

Just few days from the burial of Goldie, one of Nigeria's finest female artiste, the music industry has lost an up and coming star, Damino Damoche.

Meanwhile, his demise not just is a blow on the music industry, but also in his institution of learning, Lagos State Univerisity (LASU).

Once again RIP Damino Damoche, LASU has lost a star and a rare gem. Nonetheless, Lasuites, we urge that there be a major focus on d positivity of life, in the midst of all mirage, there are still lots  of great things to achieve out there, in other words, SHUN VIOLENCE.

Despite the unrelenting effort to giving the institution a new and positive image, it becomes more glaring the fact that there is a contention to pull back the negativity the institution has been formerly tagged by.

However, we the positive and good students of LASU stand as a majority to say, LASU will WORK, LASU ma dara, LASU ma Dayo and LASU WILL BE OK.

We stand to say that LASU will not go back to its old and negative image to which the public used to know it to be.

TEAM RE-BRAND LASU for life signed:

JERRY KABIRI FORMER Director of socials (LASUSU), Supported by Sulcata Ent, Kogbagidi ENT, EFG, Rave,Blackbox media,JCI LASU.

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