Kylie Jenner and Tyga spotted going on vacation to France


According to an exclusive report by, the two of them traveled to
France together where the legal age of consent is

Meaning if they decided to have 69 in France..
no one will come after Tyga, unlike in the US where
it will be a crime. Find MTO’s report below…

Underage reality star Kylie Jenner and her new
boyfriend Tyga were spotted jetting out of town . . .
to France. There have been all kinds of rumours
about the two being engaged in a romance . . . and
we’ve all but confirmed it. But keep in mind, it is
illegal for Tyga to have 69 relations with Kylie in the
United States.

Similarly, France has no legal age for drinking . . .
so 17 year olds can legally drink in Paris.

Therefore under international law – Tyga is free to
do whatever he wants to do with Kylie . . . and ain’t
a DANG THING that anyone can do about it.


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