Kogi Amala Meal: Death Roll Rises To 9, Hospital Suspects Cynide Poison

Kogi Amala Meal: Death Roll Rises To 9, Hospital Suspects Cynide Poison
A 42-year-old woman and a 10-year-old-boy died at the Federal Medical Centre Lokoja, on Thursday, 3rd of November, after eating cassava flour meal in Ogaminana area of Okene, Kogi State, while the third victim is in a critical condition.
It would be recalled that on Monday, 31st of October and Tuesday, 1st of November, a woman, her three children and her neighbour’s two kids died after eating a meal of cassava flour still in Kogi state. The woman brought the cassava from her farmland at Ohuepe village, which she used to prepare dinner for her family and gave some of the food to her neighbour. The victims developed severe stomach pain hours later and died.
Doctor Olatunde Alabi, Chief Medical Director of the hospital, told newsmen that three victims of the cassava flour meal were rushed to the hospital in critical condition on Wednesday morning from Ogaminana, Adavi Local Government Area, but two of them died Thursday morning. The boy gave up the ghost at about 4am , while the woman also died at about 10am. However, the third victim, a girl of about 13 years, is currently in a critical condition.
Dr. Alabi confirmed that seven people actually died between Monday and Tuesday, and not six as reported.Although the cause of the deaths are yet to be officially confirmed, the hospital is suspecting cynaide poison.
He said, ‘Clinically, we are saying we are suspecting cyanide poison’, adding that the hospital staff did their best to save the victims.
Meanwhile, the state government has resolved to sending the blood samples of the victims for detoxincology test in South Africa.

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