KeKe Ogungbe ends rift with Capital Femi

cp456The CEO of Kennis Music, Kenny KeKe Ogungbe, just confirmed that he has no issue with Capital Femi, the Kennis Music R&B Artiste.

Capital Femi left Kennis Music some time ago, due to contractual dis-agreement between him and his boss, BaBa KeKe.

In a recent chat with the media, BaBa KeKe said : “It is worthy to note, however, that he penned to a six-year/four albums contract in December 2009 and only one album dropped up till date.”

But Capital Femi response to BaBa KeKe`s statement was “We actually agreed on things and everything is fine between us; we have no issues”

Now that both ends their rifts.. we hope 2 hear new songs from Capital Femi..!


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