Justin Skye : ‘I Was Not Talking About Wizkid, Please Chill Out!

Justin Skye

Justine Skye is done taking all the heat from Nigerians who have a penchant for trolling her on her social media.

She recently released a single titled ‘Back For More‘ featuring Jeremih. The lyrics of the song hints at how a boyfriend tells his babe that they should just be friends. American singer of Nigerian origin Rotimi plays Skye’s love interest in the video.

Upon the release of the track and the video, many people have insinuated that Justine Skye was referring to Wizkid on the song. Further more on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, she tweeted “I don’t know why I tricked myself into thinking you were different, you play games for a living.

And in response to the Wizkid fans, the singer clarified that she was not targeting the Nigerian singer and never has dissed him on her page.

“I’m not talking about Wizkid… haven’t been talking about Wizkid. We are friends. Please chill out it’s honestly insane at this point,” she wrote.

Justine Skye has had it up to here with the Wizkid rumours

Only days ago, the American singer who previously dated Wizkid shared her hot photo with Nigerian singer Rotimi, hinting that they both starred in a new music video, and Nigerians trolled her yet again, demanding that she must stop “hanging around” their Yoruba men.

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