Jude Okoye: His Role in P Square’s Conflict (Peter Okoye Side)

jude okoye

Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye

: His Role in P Square’s Conflict (Peter Okoye Side)

If you’ve not been living under the rock, you sure must have heard about the uproar between P Square (Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye) and their manager who also happens to be their brother, Jude Okoye.

In an interview with TheNetNG, Peter Okoye disclosed Jude Okoye’s role in this brawl.

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

According to Peter, four years ago, he told his brother Jude Okoye to step down as their manager and at that time, Jude threatened to slap him if he speaks to him in a way. Peter said he also shared the same idea with his twin brother, Paul but Paul told him if Jude steps down as their manager then P Square will break up. Peter then swallowed his pride and let peace reign with Jude being the manager of P Square.


Another issue surfaced when Tiwa Savage wanted to do a song with P Square. Tiwa Savage called Peter to come to the studio to do his verse because Paul has done his. Then, Peter called Paul to ask for the CD but Paul said he doesn’t know where the CD is. He (Peter) then went to Mavin Studio to record his part, which got everyone clapping, and cheering, apparently Paul had told them that Peter doesn’t write songs. After the fun moment, Peter went to inform Paul about what he said and how displeased he is with the situation of thing, only for Jude, their elder brother and manager to say he made Paul the lead singer of P-Square 8years ago.  


The trouble won’t stop!


P Square – Peter and Paul Okoye

 Peter had another issue with Jude when he got a call for a performance at former president Goodluck Jonathan’s daughter wedding ceremony in Abuja. He called Paul but Paul said he wouldn’t go. This happened because the twin had an issue earlier before the call. So, Peter decided to go and do the gig alone, only for their brother Jude to call Peter and say ‘Paul said he wasn’t going for the show and you still went without him.’ Peter related this to structure and he said Jude reacted that way because he (Peter) was the one who got the call and not Jude. At the end, Paul still joined Peter to perform at the ceremony.

In December 2015, another issue ensued when the trio had a meeting to put things in place but Paul was displeased with the way the meeting was going and he said he wanted to start a new group. Only for Jude to say ‘anybody stop you?’. Peter felt the issue had been discussed behind his back.

Who is signing Cynthia Morgan?

Peter set up P-Classic Records and wanted to sign Cynthia Morgan and Simi after seeing the success of Tiwa Savage. Paul then came to the Studio and ask him (Peter) that he heard he is signing Cynthia and Simi and what will people see Jude as? He (Peter) gave Paul example of Drake, Young Money, Cash Money and more. After two days, Cynthia and Simi called Paul that they can’t do it because it is causing problem in P Square. Two weeks after, Paul was shocked to hear that Cynthia Morgan signed to Jude Okoye’s North Side Entertainment.

The Issue is still on and on.

Just yesterday, Jude Okoye replied this allegation of Peter in a tweet he captioned

‘3sides to every story. Ur side, my side and the TRUTH. The truth is DIRTY………….#caution

Those close to Peter and Paul Okoye say their elder brother Jude is the central of their problem and others insist that if not for their brother Jude, the group wouldn’t have been profitable.

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