JEEZ!, 28 year old Man arrested for having a relationship with 16 different women and allegedly marrying three


Sonko Tijan was finally caught in a honey trap at
Vienna Airport after two of his wives realised they
were married to the same man and complained to

The seducer had picked up women all across the
country, using them for room and board whenever
he was nearby and borrowing money from them
which he never returned.

His downfall came after he met Sonja Maier, who
believed she had found love at first sight when she
was swept off her feet by Tijan after meeting him in
a bar.

The 28-year-old from Gambia told her he felt the
same, and after a whirlwind romance – and against
the advice of her family – they were married a
month later.

After a year of happy marriage she was pregnant
and browsing Facebook when she happened across
somebody with the same surname and a strikingly
similar-looking husband.
Curious, the delved into the woman’s profile. Then
she realised this woman’s husband was not only
similar looking, but actually identical. The fact he
had the same surname as her own spouse
convinced her something was wrong.

‘I thought that either he had a twin I never knew
about or he was cheating on me,’ she said.
Ms Maier got in touch with the woman to compare
notes. Soon they realised that when he was with
one of them, he was never with the other, and
together they made a complaint to police after he
vanished when they confronted him.

That complaint led to the unravelling of a web of
intrigue that has so far revealed 16 different women
all of whom believed they were in an exclusive
relationship with Tijan, including three who were
married to him.

The youngest of his women was 22, and the oldest
44; there is also another woman he is married to in
his home country, where he also has children.

Tijan used the women to provide him with a place
to stay and food whenever he was in the area, and
also borrowed tens of thousands of euros promising
to pay it back later. He never did.

Some also complained he had taken their jewellery
to use as a security on loans he needed. And if a
woman became too demanding on his time or for
her money back, she suddenly found that he had

Police have now found that he kept a network of
women across Austria from the western state of
Vorarleberg to the capital Vienna. As well as the 15
active lovers, they believe there were many others
who he used, then dumped.
Police have also found four children Tijan has
fathered with different women in Austra. Two of his
current girlfriends were pregnant.

Detective Patrick Maierhofer, who has made an
appeal for other women to come forward, said: ‘He
always used the same tactics. He would look at
women in bars and was always charming and

‘He would also fascinate them with fanciful stories
about his homeland in Africa and how he had fled
horrific wars leaving his family behind – and later
he would ask for financial assistance for them.’

Tijan has also been accused of benefits fraud, using
his women, children and fake names and photos of
friends who were also black to claim thousands
from the Austrian social services.

He once posted online that the Austrians could not
tell the difference between black men anyway.
Vienna police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger said:
‘He went under various names and we have
released his picture at some of his names in the
hope that we can contact other victims.

‘They included the names Sonko Tijan, Bojang Tijan
and Crang Junior.

‘He claimed the money was for business ventures
to help his family in Gambia. We have found that he
is actually also married to a woman in Gambia
where he also has a family.’
Police put out an arrest warrant for him and
eventually tracked him down using Facebook after
discovering he was on the hunt for fresh victims.

Officers arranged for a honey trap with the
cooperation of a young woman he had been
communicating with online to persuade her to lend
him more money.

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