‘It only takes a good song to feature me’- Ice Prince


On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Chocolate city
rapper Ice Prince Zamani engaged his fans on
Twitter in a friendly chat, with the rapper stating
his readiness for any question.

During the hour-long session, arguably the most
asked question is the one concerning how much it
costs to have a collabo with him but Ice Prince
repeated many times that he doesn’t charge
anything; adding that all it costs is a good song.

A fan asked: ‘Do you charge upcoming artistes for
a feature?’ To which Ice replied: ‘No’.

When another fan wrote: ‘How much does a
collabo with you cost?’ His reply once more
is: ‘Nothing but a good song’.

Affirming the rapper’s catch line, his record label,
Chocolate City also tweeted: ‘Did you hear that? It
costs nothing but a good song to get a
collaboration with Ice Prince.’

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