Is 50cent Truly Bankrupt..?

50cent1According to new legal documents obtained and list of 50 cent creditors given to the bankruptcy judge, this is the breakdown:

50 cents owes Bentley $137,880 , owes American Express $64,909. He also owe is grandfather, Curtis Jackson Snr. $1,737.33 and 2 court judgments totaling more than $23 million.

Recently, at a party in Miami 50cent showed off a stack of cash..but it didn`t end there because he actually made the dollars rain at a West Hollywood strip club.

50 cent, since filing for bankruptcy on Monday 13, July has continued to confuse his fans and debtors.

The big question is..? Is 50cent truly bankrupt..? Hmmm… I wish I had answers ooo…Lol

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