I’m Not Scared Of Loosing Kardashians Fortune


In line with his separation from reality TV star,
Kourtney Kardashian , many a fans have speculated as
to what’s gonna happen to the celebrity’s fate on the
Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show.
When the father of three was asked about worries that
his cash flow would stop if he fails to appear on the
show, Scott told US Weekly during a recent
appearance on Saturday that he has no worries about
He said:
‘I’ve been making money since I was a
kid, and I’ll keep making money,”So I am
not worried about it. I am feeling good.’
He took selfies with a bunch of girls at the club
throughout the night, and when a smiling blonde girl
with tattoos tried to dance with him, he held her arm
and whispered into her ear.
Let’s blow the roof off this mother f–ker,” Disick
shouted as he appeared onstage to kick off the night.
He was later seen leaving the club with the rest of his
crew and several girls.

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