IGBO Group wants FG to Immortalise Chinua Achebe ( A MUST READ)

An Igbo socio-political group, Aka Ikenga, has urged

the Federal Government to immortalise the late

Prof. Chinua Achebe by fighting corruption, poverty

and injustice across the land.

The group said these were the issues Achebe fought

till his death.

The group's President-General, Chief Goddy

Uwazurike, spoke in Lagos at a day of tributes in

honour of the late literary icon at the Nigerian

Institute of International Affairs (NIIA).

He noted that Achebe would have loved to be

remembered through academics.

Although he said it is not a bad idea if the

government chooses to name an institution or a

monument after the renowned novelist, Uwazurike

added that Achebe, being a principled and dignified

man, would have been happier if his death could

serve a turning point in reclaiming the nation's lost


He described Achebe as a man who learnt the white

man's language but wrote his stories with Igbo

syntax, as a result of his dire need to protect and

preserve the African culture.

Do You Think Achebe should be Immortalised???

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