I Would steal as much as i can if AM TO BE the President for a day- DREWBABA

#BigtimiExclusiveInterview is on its good side and ths time it is with Unilag’s most popular student, Online Social marketer, DrewBaba. In this interview we got to know more about Andrew.
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@IamBigtimi: whats ur real name please? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@DrewBaba: Andrew Ovo Ekpiwhre
@IamBigtimi So what does Andrew do? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
Social media marketing & also a student
@IamBigtimi: Ok, so apart frm those, what do u av interest in? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba Movies, music
@IamBigtimi You hav about 10, 000+ followers on twitter, hw did u manage dat? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba I hv no idea
 @IamBigtimi Are u on any social Media apart 4rm twitter. #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba Yup! “Eastergram”, facebook, bbm etc
@IamBigtimi is that u on ur avatar? # BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  Lol Yes
@IamBigtimi: u mean thats u on ur avatar. Aah thats hilarious!
@DrewBaba: *jokes*
@IamBigtimi whats ur educational bckground? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  Final year, Mass comm Unilag
@IamBigtimi: u r so popular and u ve got female fans around u, Are you single? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  Yes
@IamBigtimi: u studying masscom, u want to be a radio/Tv presenter?
@drewbaba  Nope,Pr & advertising
@IamBigtimi: If u are to be the president for one day, what wil u do? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@DrewBaba: Steal as much as I can
@IamBigtimi So where do u see urself in the next 5yrs #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  In my V.I address & a great job
@IamBigtimiso which one r u, A soup or Star? @drewbaba #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  Soup!
@IamBigtimi: A word of advice to people out there @drewbaba #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@drewbaba  Be ursef, life aint that serious

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