“I wish Clarence Peters is not my son”- Sir Shina Peters


Popular OAP and Video blogger, Toke
Makinwa, hosted legendary music icon, Sir Shina
Peters on Hiptv’s ‘Trending’.

The Nigerian Juju musician who was born
Oluwashina Akanbi Peters appeared very healthy
and lively as he spoke about his life, career and his
relationship with his son, Clarence Peters.

‘I would soon be 60, but I believe I am where I’m
today by the grace of God. Praying and fasting also
helped in sustaining me in the industry. I also owe
part of my success to story to Late Fela, for his
encouragement and candid advice.

He warned me not to be a one sided musician, but
to do something that would be accepted by all-
music for all nigerians. That advice helped my
acceptability in the whole country and across.”

When asked how he feels about the success of his
son, Clarence Peters who has taken nigerian music
videos to the next level, the Ogun State born ace
musician gushed thus.
“Clearance is from heaven. I call him Yomi. When I
look at him, I see myself through him. He is just too
much. I’m not saying all these because he is my
son. I wish he is not my son, I would have
showered him with lot more praises for the great
things he has been doing in the music industry.

It was a good combination from Clarion his mother,
who’s also a professional in her acting field, and
myself. I’m so proud of him.”
Beautiful Anambra State born actress, Clarion
Chukwura and Sir Shina Peters were entangled in
sweet romance in the 80′s which bore the ace
music video director, Clarence Peters.

Aged 31, Clarence is synonymous with top quality
musical videos and he has been responsible for
stamping the works of lots of musical artistes deep
inside our minds with those great musical videos
that we just love to watch.

As significant as his success is however, he is one
individual who, though having two entertainment
icons as parents, has achieved most of what he
has without necessarily climbing on their backs.

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