‘I Was Promised N4k To Bring A Woman Body Parts, Suspected Ritualist, Toafeek Hassan Confesses

Toafeek Hassan
Toafeek Hassan, a ritualist who was caught with a woman’s head and hands on Sunday, has confessed that he was to receive N4000 to butcher the victim.
Taofeek admitted chopping off the victim’s head with a cutlass, while two clerics (alfas) and a herbalist held onto her hands.
According to him, the victim was brought to Lagos from Sango Ota, Ogun State.
‘I live at the Itoga-Zeba area of Badagry. I am a wood cutter and at times I assist owners of coconut plantations to pluck coconut. The whole thing started on Saturday evening when one of my herbalist friend known as Manase came to me to say that he was expecting two alfas from Sango Ota. He told me they would be coming with a lady and that he would pay me N4000 to help butcher the woman. 
He told me the two needed some fresh human parts to prepare a concoction for one of their clients.
‘True to his words, the two alfas arrived Itoga on Sunday evening. I noticed that before their arrival, the two alfas had used some charms on the lady. I noticed that she was just obeying their directives without asking any question. I asked her where she came from and she explained that she resides at Otta and that she had gone to seek spiritual help from one of the alfas.
‘Around 9:00a.m. on Sunday, we took the lady deep into the forest, close to a river. Manase asked her to kneel down and she did. It was while she was still kneeling that I chopped off her head with a sharp cutlass given to me by Manase.”
The 61-year-old ritualist, also confessed that he had killed one other person about a year ago.

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