I get raped everyday so I can get lunch break money

I have contemplated taking my life several times but whenever Vinoyan, my little sisters face flashes with her smile that can light up a room, there’s a reassurance that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel so I feel the urge to keep up with whatever I am going through to give her the better life I have always promised her.

The first of two kids, my late parents sent me to one of the best secondary schools in the capital city, during vacation last year, the worst happened, my parents were killed in the presence of my Vinoyan and I, my father was a journalist, I gathered he had written something that really upset some people ‘the case as still not been solved’. My late father distanced us from his family; he had only one brother, Uncle Patrick. My grand-aunt took Vinoyan to live with her in the village, the family handed me over to Uncle Pat, so he could make sure I completed my SSS education. Since the first day I stepped my foot in his house which he shares with his wife Aunty Pauline, they have a son who studies abroad, I had weird feelings, they both looked and acted like a sadist and there was no TV in the house.  They put me in a public school, turned me into a housemaid, I had to wake up 4am to clean the house and by the time aunty Pauline was leaving for work she locked the kitchen.

It all started the second week I arrived, late at night I felt a sting on my arm, I hit my arm thinking it was a fly, I turned to see a dark image leaning over me, he pinned my hands down over my head, before I could say Uncle Patrick, he used his other hand to cover my mouth, I fought hard because I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening, he hit me hard on my chin and put a tape over my mouth and around my hand, he ripped my pyjamas off and stuck his fingers in between my legs. He took my virginity that night and said that if I should try anything stupid, he wouldn’t give me money for school including lunch money or anything and he would make my life miserable. This continues every day, I did just stay up crying until he came in and left, I thought of killing him but what would happen to my school leaving certificate and Vinoyan, if I killed myself, what would happen to Vinoyan? I have nowhere and nobody to turn to, aunty Pauline cares less if I am alive, my teachers were more concerned about punishing students for stealing mangoes from the mango tree in school. No social service in my state… I need help!!! I am a wreck!! My grades are bad; I miss school sometimes because I am unable to walk thanks to Uncle Patrick. PLEASE HELP!!!
by Aloba Taiwo


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