‘I Caught My Husband TeeBillz Sniffing Cocaine In Our Kitchen’ – Tiwa Savage

In the recent outburst interview between Azuka Ogujiuba & Tiwa Savage, she also revealed a lot she never knew about her husband TeeBillz before they got married.

She narrated how she caught him sniffing cocaine in the kitchen. In her words

‘I just noticed Teebillz was downstairs longer than usual while I was recording with spellz. I went downstairs and the next thing I saw was Teebillz sniffing cocaine. I yelled his name and he quickly wrapped up the cocaine and put in his pocket. He yelled back at me and was asking why I came downstairs and what I wanted. It’s a lot to handle. If it was weed, alcohol, I can manage but COCAINE from what I’ve heard about it, you have to be a rich man to afford it’



  1. Irene

    Your wahala made him sniff COCAINE, help him, its for better for worse, deal with you marital problem and stop making it public. There is life after fame .

    • dee

      Hmm everyone with an opinion. Y be so cruel Irene. If he doesn’t want the marriage let him walk away afterall it won’t be the first time he is walking away from a marriage. He is an adult and responsible for his actions

      • Goldie

        Why are some people so stupid… When the guy was saying shit about her did u tell him all this shit u saying now, pls keep your fucking advice to yourself.

    • mabella

      How are you sure its her wahala that made him do wahh he did for all I know his actions should not be blamed on her do u think she doesn’t have enough to deal with

  2. Kenneth

    What is wrong with this generation.. Please, stop making a public show of what should be kept private.. Marriage is a triangle which involves only three personalities.
    The husband, the wife and God… Please Mrs Tiwa social media can’t solve your marital issues. Either you or your Hubby should play the matured character.

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