How To Write An Interview


Step 1
Begin with an interesting fact or description
about the person you interviewed. This
immediately gives a context for the interview
and grabs the reader’s attention. For
example, you could start with, “John Smith
has the face of a saint, with eyes that are
gentle and appealing.”
Step 2
Explain why you chose the interviewee by
transitioning into a sentence that explains to
the reader why she should care about your
subject. For example, from the description
given in Step 1, you could continue with,
“And yet, behind those kindly eyes are the
memories of a killer sentenced to death 20
years ago, but still alive because the law
allows him to file for multiple stays of
Step 3
Conclude your introduction with a strong
thesis statement that establishes the purpose
of your interview essay. Your thesis
statement should tell a reader what to expect
in the body of your essay. For example, if
your interview was about the ineffectiveness
of the death penalty, your thesis statement
could be, “The death penalty cannot be an
effective deterrent if inmates on Death Row
are never executed because of endless
opportunities to delay justice.”

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