How To Enroll for PhD In Public Health In Nigeria

How To Enroll for PhD In Public Health In Nigeria

It is quite possible to enroll for Public Health in Nigeria. Public Health is multi-disciplinary. Professionals from across different fields of study are legible to take on the course. As one who possesses a degree in a science-related course, Public Health can always be an option, either for Masters or Doctorate degree.

Often times, people ask where you can work as a Public Health degree holder. As a Public Health degree holder, you can work as an environmental scientist, epidemiologist, bio-security specialist, bio-terrorism researcher, medical officer, clinical specialist, health educator, disease management coordinator and so on. So many people have troubles when it comes to making decisions about applying for the course at the PhD level with the fear that they may end up not finding a job afterwards. However, it is paramount to understand that you have a wide range of  options when it comes to job seeking.

Getting to apply for the course here in Nigeria or traveling abroad to register is not the problem. You need to understand that the method that the method of teaching  overseas and that of Nigeria/West Africa are slightly different. This is as a result of Africa being in the tropic, very close to the equator and the diseases and health challenges here are different from what is obtained in those temperate regions of the world. This then means that to make a better impact on the Nigerian health system, you need to study it here in Nigeria or West Africa.

It is a fact that most accredited universities in Nigeria offer PhD program in Public Health. Registration is quite easier in Nigeria. Also, it is quite affordable compared to foreign countries.



The steps are quite easy. First, you need to visit the school’s website so as to get registrations done. Nigerian schools provide helpful information regarding registration on their websites, thereby relieving you of the stress of going over to the school before getting any information. The schools always notify people on their deadlines, and requirements for admission into PhD programs, including Public Health. To crown it up, you can even make payments on their websites.


Usually, every school have entry requirements for PhD program in Public Health, however, there are certain general requirements. Below are some of the general requirements of most of the Nigerian Universities for PhD program in Public Health.

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field from any of the recognized universities in Nigeria.
  • Masters degree from recognized universities in Nigeria or abroad. The Masters degree must be relevant to Public Health. Most universities demand that the students have a minimum of 3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA). The 3.5 is based on the total of 5.0. If the point scale is 4.0, the aspiring PhD student must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA.
  • The Masters degree program must have been taken along with satisfactory research work.
  • The aspiring student must demonstrate evidence of completed academic research as this will act as an advantage to him/her.
  • Some Nigerian universities do admit First Class graduates at undergraduate level into PhD program directly but the certificate must be obtained from a recognized university. However, you need to verify from your choice of university as to whether this applies to them.


In most foreign universities, PhD programs takes shorter period of time to complete. There are some universities where you will never spend more than 2 years to complete your PhD program in Public Health, while there are some that will take a longer period. Having said that, PhD programs take longer time in Nigeria. Rarely would anyone spend less than 5 years for PhD programs in Nigerian universities. This elongated period tends to frustrate and discourage students.

One of the factors responsible for this delay is the PhD thesis assignment. It is quite tedious and time consuming. Supervisors are often too busy that they rarely have time to go through your thesis, thereby leading to delay in the completion of your PhD program.

Another factor responsible for the delay is the choice of topic made by students. In most cases, students opt for topics that are quite broad instead of going for narrow topics that are easier to work on. As a result, supervisors keep canceling and correcting over and over again.


Among over 100 universities in Nigeria, only 58 of them are approved for PhD program. Therefore, you must find out if the university of your choice is among the approved universities for PhD program.

Only 16 Federal universities are approved and there are 21 state-owned universities among the list of approved universities for PhD program. 11 private owned universities  are also on the list of approved universities for PhD program.


Tuition fee and other fees differ from one university to the other. You have to find out the tuition fee for the university of your choice. Some universities tend to give scholarships to some really exceptional students. You can look out for scholarship programs offered by the Nigerian government. You can equally benefit from the scholarship program offered by the international bodies.

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