How the CAN Secretary was killed— Family explains..

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria,

CAN, Reverend Titus Pona has said that, his

Secretary, late Rev. Faye Pama Musa was murdered

by the Boko Haram sect in front of his daughter,

who followed them from the living room. He said

they dragged him outside before his daughter and

shot him severally.

According to Rev. Pona, his daughter who called to

inform him of her father's demise, said she had

begged them to spare his life, but they would not

listen, instead, they also tried to shoot her, but the

bullet missed her.

Pona said the killers, according to his family, went

through the wall to the house to drag him out, not

with the intention to kill him before his children, but

the daughter followed them.

He recalled that, last year when they met with the

governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima, the

governor,out of concern asked whether the area

they live was safe enough for them.

"We told the governor that our area was safe. Of

course, there were no killings around this area

before, and it is very unfortunate that they came to

attack an innocent man." He said

Family members of the deceased have said that the

killers were seven in number and stormed at

exactly 6:30 pm on Tuesday. " They came in a gulf

car and waited around the house. A lot of people

saw them, even those children that were playing

ball saw them, but nobody thought they were here

for a mission to kill anyone."

According to them, there was rumour last week that

the Boko Haram group were planning to kill or

kidnap a pastor, but people took it lightly.

"We never thought that the rumour could turn out to be true, as it was written and dropped within the Polo area. Only God can save us from these blood


Our prayers and hope is that the state of

emergency declared by the President would help to

fish them out and bring them to justice ."


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