How Man Got arrested After threatening to Post Nu’de Pics of Ex-girlfriend Online

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Evan Rodriguez,19, is facing multiple charges after telling his ex-girlfriend that she had to have se’x with him or else he would post her private nude photos on social media. Rodriguez was arrested on Wednesday, October 7, on charges of extortion, se’xual cyber harassment, stalking and resisting an officer with violence.

According to an arrest report, the victim contacted an academic adviser at Miami-Dade College’s Homestead Campus. The responding officer said Rodriguez called the victim at least 15 times and sent her more than 20 text messages while the officer was in the adviser’s office.

Police said Rodriguez texted the woman that he was outside the campus waiting for her and that he would post the photos if she did not come out and have se’x with him. Backup officers were called to the school and saw Rodriguez sitting on a bench holding his cellphone.

Officers said Rodriguez refused to answer their questions, telling them, “I don’t have to talk to you.” As more officers arrived, Rodriguez said, “I don’t want to go to jail. I know if I give you my ID you will put it in the system.”

When officers told Rodriguez why they were there, he said: “I’m a guy. I told this girl that I would post her naked pictures because I wanted to see her,” Officers said Rodriguez claimed that it was OK to post nude photos of the victim online because she was 18 years old, but that he began deleting the text messages and photos.

Police said officers told Rodriguez multiple times to stop deleting the messages and eventually placed handcuffs on him as he kicked and cursed at the officers.

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