How Hip-Hop DJ became a Snapchat star


Last year as DJ Khaled contemplated the next move in his career as he joined SnapChat. At that the app was a new app that was cool among millennials. Khaled got on the app and it started his transformation into a star.

DJ Khaled turn himself into a giant meme with his phrases “don’t ever play yourself”, and “Lion!!!!!!!!!!!”  Quickly DJ Khaled’s stories became the most engaging snaps on the new app.


A typical DJ Khaled snap would start with him waking up in the morning and motivating his fans. He would then go downstairs, ask his chef what’s for breakfast and declare how his life is good because he is eating breakfast.

Khaled would then go to his famous garden and scream “Liooooooon!” in front of his lion statue in his garden. After this comes the words of wisdom segment where Khaled would drop gems about his hustle and how ‘they’have been trying to hold not only him but you down.

DJ Khaled puts so much conviction and passion into his snaps that it would be hard not to take him serious. By using SnapChat DJ Khaled welcomed us into his life where every word is exaggerated and every phrase is turned into a mantra. Khaled is a self-hype machine and SnapChat is his trumpet.

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