House Of Reps Give Acting President, Prof.Yemi Osinbajo 1 Week To Swear In Ministers

Prof.Yemi Osinbajo

The House of Representatives, yesterday, issued the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo a one-week ultimatum to swear in the ministerial nominees for Kogi and Gombe states.

The ultimatum followed deliberations on a ‘motion of urgent national importance’ raised by Hon Sunday Karimi (PDP, Kogi), and two others on Tuesday. The House however failed to state the possible consequence of failing to comply with the directive.

It will be recalled that the Senate since May 3, confirmed the appointment of Prof. Stephen Ocheni from Kogi State and Suleiman Zarma Hassan from Gombe State as ministers.

Karimi said the senate had done its duty by confirming the two minister and that Prof Osinbajo was failing to exercise his constitutional powers on the matter by refusing to swear-in the ministers.

He explained that the “Constitution vest the executive power of the federation in the President and such power may be exercised directly through the Vice President and ministers of the government of the federation or officers in the public service of the federation.

“Section130 of the ground norm provides that there shall be for the federation a President who shall be the Head of State and Chief Executive of the Federation.

“Section 145(1) of the Constitution, provides that whenever the President of the federation is unable to discharge the functions of his office for whatsoever reason, the President shall transmit a written declaration to the President of the Senate or Speaker of the House of Representatives.

 “To that effect, and until he transmit to them a declaration to the country, the Vice President shall perform the functions of the President as Acting President”, Karimi stated.

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