Horrifying Moment As Lion Clamps Teeth On Keepers Throat And Drags Him Across Ring As People Scream In Terror


This is the shocking moment a lion locked its jaws around a keeper’s throat and dragged him across a circus ring in front of terrified families, as children screamed out in horror.

The tamer was rushed to hospital in a serious condition at 5:10pm on Sunday after the beast pounced in the middle of a Buffalo Circus show, in Doullens, northern France.

The person who captured the video posted it to Facebook and described how the day had ended in horror.

Writing on social media, she wrote: ‘It’s my girl who screams in the video, she cried all night.’

In footage of the horrific incident, the lion sinks his fangs into the tamer before dragging him across the ring.

See video below….

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