hmm..! The Irony of Life : Buhari meets with a journalist he jailed as a millitary leader

Gen.Muhammadu Buhari dramatically met with Mr Tunde Thompson on Tuesday 5th May , a journalist he jailed under the Decree 4 in 1984 when he was a military ruler.
Unbelievably, Thompson was actually a member of the media team of APC presidential campaign organization that coordinated the media programmes of Buhari in the march 28th election, which Buhari won.
Buhari showered praises on the entire media team at the Defence House, in Abuja and especially for Tunde Thompson who despite beign jailed, still supports him to win the recently conducted presidential election.
He said,”I want to commend you especially for two things. First, is the decent media campaign you conducted. Despite the PDP`s dirty tactics, you stayed focused on issues and avoided the temptation to sling mud.”
“I thank you for your uncommon motivation to do the work. Despite the shoestring budget on which we ran our APC campaign, you did not allow the lack of adequate remuneration to stall the work at any point in time. You continued to give your best.”
“We must commend Nigerians who believe in our message of change and INEC for introducing card readers and PVC. All elected leaders, will now know that the voter is the king. Nigerians now have more faith in our elections because their votes count.”
“If not for PVCs and card readers, the PDP as usual would have written the results and asked losers to go to court. How can people who are struggling to survive go to court and get money to pay the SANs of this world. We must thank God for the success of this election.”
Hmmm..the irony of life indeed..! what a small world we live

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