Heartbreaking: The Story Of A Poor Niger Girl

Fatimah and Timilehin Bello (BigTimi)

Few weeks ago, I travelled to Accra, Ghana for my leave. While in Accra, I decided to go see my friend at the Accra Mall. After our merriment, we left the mall. It was about 9pm. On getting outside the mall, I met her.

Her name is Fatimah. She ran after me for a token. She’s one of those young Niger kids that run after one for money on the street. I didn’t notice how she knew I was ‘Yoruba’ (An ethnic group in Nigeria), then she said ‘Ejo e help me’ (Please help me). I turned back and said to her ‘So you understand Yoruba? Come let’s talk’.

Fatimah told me she and her family are from Niger and they once lived in Nigeria, Aba to be precise. She said Buhari changed everything.

In her words ‘Buhari pursued us away and we are here in Ghana’. I asked her if she would follow me back to Nigeria to start a better life, she replied ‘No, my dad won’t agree’. I said ‘Where’s your dad?’ She replied ‘He is over there at the other side of the road’. It was getting late. So I gave her a big hug, handed her 5Cedis, and told her her life is precious. She won’t do this forever. She will be a better person someday. I told her if she ever see me again, she should say hi. I love you Fatimah and I wish you the very best.



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