He says we can’t get married unless…

So, I’ve been dating this guy for almost 3years now and things are great between us…really really great if you know what I mean.
Anyways, I’ve decided that I want to marry this man, and he says he wants to marry me but one thing keeps getting in the way. It all started some years back when…continue…

 … one of his friends registered for Gulder Ultimate Search and won 3 Million Naira, and apparently he has really changed his life so now my boyfriend too has decided that he must enter and win.

This man is now saying that he cannot marry me until he wins Gulder Ultimate Search.

He says it’s because he wants to buy me the best ring money can buy, and he wants to be able to afford a big wedding for us. He says he doesn’t want to get married and still be living in one-bedroom in Mafoluku, I agree with that one sha, but how much longer am I supposed to wait??

Two years ago he registered and they did not call him back. Last year again he registered, they called him back but then he could not swim.  GUS has started again, and my people he wants to register AGAIN!!

He has even gone to learn how to swim!

He says the prize is 10 Million and a car, who doesn’t want 10 million and a car, but is it not too much? Has in sickness in health started already? Abi, I should just be patient he might actually win. My friends say I should stop wasting my time, my mother said this is a test of our love…what should I do?

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