Gulder Ultimate Search- Eleven years of entertaining Nigeria #GusTheMission

After months of endless speculation, it has now been confirmed that Gulder Ultimate Search is back for its 11th season, and details of this year’s edition were announced at a media event at Nigerian Breweries in Lagos.
As part of the launch, guests were treated to an exclusive first viewing of the Call For Entry TVC, which featured two previous winners embarking on a mission to find a mysterious item called ‘The Cube’
In keeping with a tradition that is dedicated to highlighting the indigenous quality and assets of Nigeria, the 11th season is set to take place in the jungles of Aguleri, a small farming community in South East Anambra known for being the food basket of Anambra.
In a speech given at the event, it was revealed that this year’s crowned winner would walk away with 10million naira, as well as a brand new SUV.
“The Gulder brand will also create opportunities for some other individuals, other than the ‘Ultimate Champion’, to go home with their dreams on wheels. But you have to stay glued to your TV screens to find out more”. Said Marketing Manager, Emmanuel Agu.”

With a television viewership of millions all across Nigeria, the world famous physical contest show has been on the airwaves for the last decade and will be on this.
Over 30,000 people are believed to have registered last season, and this season is expected to push contestants to the pinnacle of their abilities. Contestants can expect to be put through both physical and mentally challenging tasks that test their strength, endurance and mental agility.
Gulder Ultimate Search has produced all male winners so far and many are beginning to wonder if a woman will ever win the coveted title. However, expectations are higher this season for a female contestant finally emerging triumphant with last season’s ‘last woman standing’, Ifunaya Onike, coming so close to clenching the coveted prize.
“What makes this show so brilliant is that it values and celebrates skill.” Said Ifunaya Onike, who also commented that she was very confident this would be a year for the ladies. “A pretty face will not win you the title, who you know won’t win you the title, only you can do that. You alone are enough to be Ultimate.”

Broadcast date is from October 3rd till October 30th, 2014. Visit for further details on the show.

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