Graphic Photos: Woman jumps off 10 storeys, saved by explosion of her butt implant

Brazilian woman survived a 10 story fall . . . and
it was her butt implants that saved her life.
According to a popular Brazilian magazine, an
unidentified woman – whom they claim is a
model – attempted suicide last week, in the city
of Sao Paolo.
The paper claims that the fall would have killed
her – except that her butt implant cushioned her
fall. She is in very serious condition. The woman
suffered head injuries, multiple broken
bones . . . and her butt implant exploded on
impact. Doctors expect her to make it, though.

Thing is, the woman looks very dead to me. No
way can a butt implant save you from a 10-
storey building fall. But see the pic for yourself
after the cut…but please *viewer discretion



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