Full List Of The 22 Victims Killed In Manchester Bombing

Manchester Bombing

Those who died in the awful attack include an eight-year-old girl, teenagers, parents who had gone to pick-up their children, and an off-duty police officer

All the victims of the terror attack have now been named, with the youngest victim just eight years old.


  • Saffie Rose Roussos is the youngest victim to have been confirmed dead from the attack. She was killed after becoming separated from her mum and sister at the venue – both are still in hospital being treated for severe shrapnel wounds.
  • Martyn Hett, 29, a Coronation Street superfan with a tattoo of Deirdre Barlow, was due to go on a two month “trip of a lifetime” to America days after he was killed.
  • Georgina Callander, 18, met Ariana Grande backstage at a previous gig was the first young person to be confirmed dead
  • Olivia Campbell, 15 brought Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid to tears when her mum Charlotte appealed for information on her whereabouts. Later confirming everyone’s worst fears on Facebook by saying: “Go sing with the angels and keep smiling. Mummy loves you so much.”
  • Elaine McIver, 43 an off-duty police officer, died in the terror attack
  • John Atkinson, 26 from Radcliffe was the third person to be formally confirmed as dead. He has been described as an “amazing young man” with a “beautiful soul”.
  • Kelly Brewster, 32 from Sheffield, died trying to shield her 11 year-old niece. A pal said: “She ran to shield Hollie from the blast as best she could. She threw ­herself in front of her.”
  • Alison Lowe, 44 and pal Lisa Lees, 43 were killed when they arrived to pick up their teenage daughters – who were later found safe.
  • Marcin Kils, 42 and Angelika Kils, 39 were killed as they waited for their daughters Patricia and Alex who were not hurt in the attack.
  • Nell Jones, 14 has been confirmed dead, ending her family’s 36 hour search.
  • Jane Tweedle-Taylor, 50 from Blackpool was killed when she arrived to collect a friend’s daughter from the concert.
  • Michelle Kiss, 45 from Blackburn has been confirmed as one of the dead – she attended the concert with her daughter.
  • Sorrell Leczkowski, 14 died with her mum and grandmother at her side, both remain in hospital.
  • Chloe Rutherford, 17 and Liam Curry, 19, a couple from South Shields, were remembered in a heartbreaking joint tribute from their families after being named: “They were perfect in every way for each other and were meant to be.”
  • Eilidh MacLeod, 14 pronounced dead days after of frantic searching.
  • Wendy Fawell, 50, a mum from Leeds, was picking up her children with a friend when the blast hit – she was announced dead after a desperate appeal to find her.
  • Courtney Boyle, 19 and her stepdad Philip Tron, 32 also lost their lives.
  • Megan Hurley, 15 was the final victim to be confirmed dead.

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