Frustration drives Osun worker to attempt suicide over unpaid salary

Frustrated Osun worker attempts to kill himself over unpaid salary

MAY 22, 2015

by Chinwe Okafor

Senior civil servant, Mr. Ojo Owolabi, has attempted to end his life by drinking a large quantity of insecticide.

According to reports, Owolabi took the action because of his inability to feed his family due to the failure of the state government to pay salaries. Apparently, civil servants in the state have not been paid their salaries in the last six months.

Owolabi, who is a sanitary officer at the council was receiving treatment at a hospital. A source close to Owolabi said he became frustrated as a result of his inability to meet his family’s needs.

According to the source said, “Baba Ibeji ( Owolabi) drank herbicide. He was frustrated because he has been unable to feed himself and other members of his family.

“You are aware that the state government has not paid workers for some months now. I think he just lost hope and decided to take his life by drinking Gramoxone.

“Members of his family rushed him to a hospital in Ile Ife, where he was admitted. We are praying that he survives it.”

Owolabi’s wife and children were said to have relocated from their apartment and could not be reached for comment.

A factional Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Mr. Gambi Yusuf, said the unpaid salaries had caused the workers untold hardship.

Yusuf said, “Anybody who is not paid for six months is a walking corpse. What do you expect him to eat? Even if the workers can fast, won’t they break their fast?

“How do you expect them to feed their children?

“The government of the day should be more serious about workers’ welfare.

“We are appealing to the government to pay workers because workers deserve their wages.”

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