Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo Hails President Buhari

Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President of Nigeria,  Olusegun Obasanjo has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari administration saying he has delivered the change he promised since he became the President of Nigeria..

Obasanjo stated this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria at his hilltop home in Abeokuta.

 “Whatever anybody says, President Buhari has not disappointed me from what I know of him,” he said.

“In my book, I have said that Buhari is not strong on the economy and I did not write this to run him down.

“I also used to think that he is not strong in the area of foreign affairs, but I have realised that he has improved very well.

 “He has actually done his best in the areas where we know him to be strong,” he said.

“Whatever you might see as bad in Nigeria, other societies have gone through the same at some period in their history.

“It is not for us to begin to condemn but to begin to join hands together and consider how we can make the best out of our present.

 “Our present situation is a passing phase and we need to be resilient to ensure that we are not consumed by it.

“I will be the first to admit that we have not been where we should have been, but note that we have also been far from where we could have been because it could have been worse.

“It is the height of ingratitude for people to say Nigeria has not achieved anything or much as a nation.

“The generation before mine fought for Nigeria’s independence, that is great.

“My own generation, which is the next, fought to sustain the unity of Nigeria.

“Since 1999, Nigeria had enjoyed 18 years of unbroken democracy.

“We witnessed in 2007 a transition of power from one individual to another in the same party.

“We witnessed in 2015 a transition of power from an individual in the ruling party to another individual in the opposition party.

“All these should not be taken for granted,” he said.

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