Fees reduction? Fashola tell us, how much in Naira and Kobo? – LASU students

At a press conference organised by the student union on Thursday, in Lagos, the students stated that Fashola’s government has been insincere in its dealings with them.

“We do not accept the percentage reduction offered by the Government because in 2011 when the fees were increased, it was not done on percentage level. Rather, they made the pronouncement in Nigerian naira and kobo,” said the statement read by Nurudeen Yusuf, President of the Students’ Union.

“We urge the Government to come out in extant words as to how much will be payable by our students in naira and kobo and not in percentage. How do they expect our parents, the market women scrambling to pay our fees, to calculate the percentage?

“The Government is only trying to play jokers on our future, our destiny and the posterity of the state. Even if the governing council and the internal structure in the university will be put to their statutory work, we question the sincerity of the Government on this matter because the pronouncement of the fee was as a result of a Visitation Panel set up by the Government of which report was selectively adopted.”

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