Eye witness says Music Director DJ TEE stabbed ALVIN OSUNGADE

An eye witness spoke to us on phone to relate what she claims is the true story of what really happen on a music video shooting set under the direction of popular music video Director DJ TEE yesterday night, thursday june 28 2012.

According to what the caller said it all happen in production warehouse at opebi, ikeja.

Dj tee gathered his production team at the venue to direct the music video of an upcoming artist called malcom. Dj Tee needed more girls to feature on the video so three persons : Bolaji(female), Tolani, Dolapo were contracted to get girls from UNILAG and they did.

Before the recording started Dj tee gave orders that everyone on set who is not suppose to be on the video should stay clear of the recording area.

The fight that lead to the stabbing started when Dolapo’s girlfriend wanted to leave the location and she probably walked into the recording area. While cautioning her for violating earlier orders of staying clear from recording area , DJ TEE insulted her and called name like ” you Bitch” . Dolapo who could not stand by to watch his girlfriend being insulted tried to caution and calm DJ tee down but got a slap from DJ tee.

After DJ TEE slapped DOLAPO everything got out of hand. Dj tee’s crew got involved and gave Dolapo the beating of his life. As the fight heated up it was observed that DJ tee broke a bottle and attempted to stab Dolapo but Tolani also known as Alvin Osungade ran into the middle of the fight trying to calm Dj tee but got stabbed. Another girl who was also trying to calm Dj Tee but mistake pur a malt drink on him also got beating by DJ Tee’s crew !

At the time this entire info got to us Alvin was taken to hospital where his presently receiving treatment and all effort to get a reaction from DJ TEE has been futile


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