Exciting debut as Chidi Mokeme returns with GUS 9

Exciting debut as Chidi Mokeme returns with GUS 9
AS the search for The Gatekeeper’s Fortune began, a unique attraction for followers of Gulder Ultimate Search since the reality show made its debut in 2004 is the return of its maiden anchorman and notable Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme, as the helmsman of the 9th edition which began on television last night.
Mokeme’s duty began slowly but steadily, as he took viewers through the regional screening exercises held in Benin, Owerri, Makurdi and Lagos, where over 35,000 applicants’ physical, mental and clinical statuses were tested as major criteria for qualification.
It was funny and exciting as the GUS hopeful ran the 400 meters race, crashing like pack of cards as some of them struggled with strength to pull through. Several contestants lost out during the squatting exercise. Many wobbled and fell, marking the end to their dream of competing in the adventure reality show.

The swimming tests were no less engaging. And although they all claimed to be skilled in swimming, many were rescued by floaters and divers. Some later confessed on camera that they are clueless about what swimming entails. Some others blamed it on lack of practice and some ailments.
The travail of some of the hopeful could be sympathetic. Blessing Obatimehin for example was not lucky to be among the 12 that made it to the jungle. She arrived the venue of the regional screening late in the night. “When I came here yesterday, I suffered. The road was so bad. I got to this stadium around 9:30pm. I met two good Samaritans. I explained my situation to them and they decided to help me.” But for the two complete strangers who accommodated her that night, she could have slept out in the cold.
Simon Ishagba was another guy with a pitiable story to tell. Based in Kaduna, he had arrived Benue State late because, according to him, the roads were bad. “On our way, it rained cats and dogs and almost all the vehicles that took the road had accidents, but our vehicle was not affected. But when we arrived Makurdi, I could not locate anywhere to sleep because I did not know anywhere in that town”. He had to pass the night at a motor park. Despite surmounting these hurdles, he was also dropped.
An undergraduate who also gave GUS 9 a shot was confronted with two choices: either to sit for his exams or take part in the reality show. Apparently he was to use his time to study for good grades at school or compete for the N9.5 million and a brand new SUV that GUS 9 promises. He ended up losing on both sides, as he missed his exams and could not make the final 12 list.
The show continues tonight on AIT, African Magic World (DSTV), and Real Star (Star Times) by 10pm.

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