Event: Join Casap Foundation’s visit to Sought after children orphanage

Start the New year by Giving.

On Saturday January 4th, CASAP Foundation will be visiting Sought After Children Orphanage & Rehabilitation Centre to mentor the young adults in rehab, party with the kids and most importantly GIVE!!

Date : January 4th 2014

Time: 12pm

Venue : Sought After Children Orphanage.

No 3 Alhaja Ronke Aiku Close, Owode-Addo, Langbasa, Ajah,Lekki.

Dress code : white tees and blue or black jeans


* Charity Drive ( collect & donate items – clothes,shoes,foodstuff,toiletries)

* 1 hour Mentoring Program.

Mentor the teenagers & young adults (14-22) at the rehabilitation centre and the teenagers (13-17) at the orphanage home.

* Party with the kids (0-17)

Muyiwa Adejuwon
Usman Imanah
Kehinde Oluwadare
Eneni Efebo

To support,volunteer or mentor .

Call 07069771347, 08060813682
mail info@casap-ng.org
Twitter: @casap_ng

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