Eldense Coach Arrested After 12-0 Loss To Barcelona B


Spanish police investigating match-fixing said  they have detained the coach of a third-division club that lost 12-0 to Barcelona’s B team over the weekend.

Italian coach di Pierro was detained on suspicion of corruption in connection with the 12-0 defeat – which equalled the record margin of victory for the division.

Eldense player Cheikh Saad was the first to point the finger at a number of his teammates and coach.

“The coach told me to come on as a substitute and I said I didn’t want to.

”After the game I came close to punching some of my teammates,” Saad said.

Barcelona first team coach also commented on the saga; “This is a very delicate subject and it needs to be treated very seriously,” coach Luis Enrique said.

“In other countries we have seen similar situations and they are very unfortunate”

”Too many people are trying to benefit from football.”

The embarrassing loss  saw Eldense relegated.

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