Egypt Forces Hit Jihadist Camp After Attack On Coptic Christian


Egyptian forces have struck “terrorist training camps” in retaliation for an attack on Coptic Christians, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has said.

The move came as US President Donald Trump issued a statement on the killings, calling on allies to band together to defeat terrorism.

“The bloodletting of Christians must end, and all who aid their killers must be punished,” Trump said in a statement issued by his press office.

“Terrorists are engaged in a war against civilization, and it is up to all who value life to confront and defeat this evil.”

In a televised address to Egypt’s people, the former army chief said: “Before we spoke to you today, we launched a strike against one of the camps” where jihadists train.

President Sisi said he would “not hesitate to strike terrorist camps anywhere”.

Announcing the strike in a TV speech late on Friday, he promised to “protect our people from the evil”.

The Egyptian president did not say where his forces struck on Friday. However, state television said that Egypt’s air force launched six air strikes Friday against “terror camps in Libya.”

Although no group immediately said it was behind the attack, Islamic State (IS) militants have targeted Copts several times in recent months.


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